Success within the modern business environment cannot be achieved alone. Support, strategy and leadership are critical — a pathfinder for you and your teams as you aim to achieve and excel.

With extensive experience in the challenging energy, mining and financial services sectors, Maria Darby-Walker has direct experience of the demands executives face and how to make an effective impact at senior and board level. Combined with deep experience of communications, she has the effective approaches to map a bolder, more powerful and confident business leader.

Maria’s specific focus is on the individual within workplace cultures, to enhance morale, motivation and productivity. It is mentorship that builds trusted, long-term relationships — to celebrate and empower individuals as they generate a collective benefit within large organisations.

Mentorship has the ability to deliver powerful outcomes for businesses and maximise the potential of their senior leaders, allowing them to:

  • Attain Non-Executive Directorships
  • Secure respect in the boardroom, with insight into language, culture and approach
  • Target promotions and manage career change
  • Build confidence and leadership skills
  • Balance professional assertiveness and personal approachability
  • Create strong, trusted and reliable professional networks
  • Enhance personal and professional reputations
  • Realise real impact on entry or re-entry to the workplace

As a senior woman in business, Maria’s personal passion is to mentor fellow female leaders to excel, with support to:

  • Mitigate strong male cultures and work environments
  • Identify and manage unconscious bias
  • Celebrate feminine professionalism, style and substance

Maria provides the support, strategies and leadership to maximise senior potential.

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