Leadership should never be lonely. Real strength flows from a wellspring of partnership — channels of intelligence, insight and support.

Maria Darby-Walker creates an environment to identify, establish and embed these channels. Here, leaders of all levels, with a diversity of ambition and in a variety of circumstance make the connections that clarify. It is a time to build self-confidence, self-belief and self-awareness.

Coach, mentor and communicator, Maria provides a safe space to reveal pathways that accelerate careers, redefine objectives and focus motivations. A space where silence and reflection are as valued as intervention and action. A space where balance is a critical foundation — to align professional, family and personal perspectives.

Insight is deeply rooted in practical experience: a career that has seen her rise to the very highest levels of corporate communications — before a reappraisal of her own goals and ambitions led her to bring this wealth of experience, empathy and insight to the boards of some of the world’s largest companies.

It is a process of personal and professional development that inspired Maria to become a qualified practitioner with internationally respected leadership coaching school, Meyler Campbell. It drives her passion to coach and mentor others — to catalyse personal, professional and organisational growth.

A fluent French speaker, Maria Darby-Walker offers support to clients across the world. Calling on her extensive professional network, she also brings clients access to some of the world’s leading experts in areas such as public speaking, presentation and media skills.

Maria also manages a portfolio of board trustee roles and Non-Executive Directorships.

Maria has helped clarify overarching goals to help get through a challenging professional and personal period. Maria does all this with a great lightness of touch, personal care and support. It is a time to truly relax, rejuvenate and reward in order to ensure I show up as my best self.

Managing Director Energy Business

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